Senior Services

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Senior Driving Program

REACH’s Driving Program for Older Adults can be used for medical appointments locally and in the Fargo-Moorhead or Detroit Lakes areas. A suggested donation of $20 for each out-of-town trip and $5 for each in-town trip is encouraged and appreciated, but no rider will be denied due to inability to donate. This is a volunteer based program and REACH cannot guarantee a driver will be available for every ride request.

Rider Eligibility:

  • 60 years of age and older
  • Physically and mentally independent
  • Live in the Hawley, Hitterdal, Ulen, Felton and Glyndon areas

Must be pre-registered for program to request a ride

If you are interested in being registered for this program or to volunteer as a driver, please call the REACH office at 218-483-3145

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We Offer A Variety Of Exercise Classes

Discover a world of fitness tailored for seniors with our diverse range of exercise classes. At our facility, we prioritize the well-being of older adults, offering an array of classes designed to enhance strength, flexibility, and overall health. From gentle yoga and seated exercises to low-impact aerobics, our programs cater to various fitness levels and preferences. Our certified instructors create a supportive and enjoyable atmosphere, fostering a sense of community among participants. Embrace an active lifestyle that suits your individual needs, promoting vitality and longevity. Join us on a journey towards improved health and wellness, where each class is a step towards a more vibrant and active you.


Watch for announcements on social media or call the REACH office for more information.

Seniors Having Lunch Together

Frozen Meal Program

Introducing our Frozen Meal Program for seniors – a culinary journey of convenience and nutrition. Specially curated, chef-inspired frozen meals ensure delicious and balanced dining for older adults. Many can enjoy the ease of home-delivery, while others may need to come and pick up from our admin office. We offer wholesome goodness, providing seniors with a flavorful and effortless solution for their dietary needs at no cost.